Saturday, 12 March 2011

facebook for the middle east

This might, possibly, offend some people.
Yeah, like I give a fuck - it's funny.
Found on a comedy website - sadly I can take no credit for writing it, but it didn't say who the original author was either.
Mohammed has joined the group – I only get hungry during Ramandan!

Abdul is planning a revenge attack on his neighbour

Azeem has joined the group Al-Qaida

Achmed has joined the group if 1000 Muslims join this group, Aashif will eat a pork sandwich!

Nasheem has sent Baklava a non alcoholic gift.

Saddam Hussein has left the group You will never catch me, infidels!

Prophet Muhammed profile picture upload file: myfacecensored.jpg

Prophet Muhammed is a fan of Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Aisha has joined the group: Sodomised by an Old Man and Loving It

Ahmed has joined the group: Petition to ban christian celebrations in Britain

Abu Hamza is currently hooked on porn

Aashir loves his new brown turban

Saddam Hussein has changed his status to 'offline'

Usain has poked you. His hands shall be chopped off as punishment.

Farid played Bomb the Infidels and won 53 virgins

Saleem has joined the group 'Liverpool John Moores University'

Saleem is wonderin why wasnt Nasheeb in chemisty class today?

Azeem has joined the group Al-Qaida

Five of your friends took the Burka Challenge. 67% of you correctly guessed they were probably male

Salma is now a fan of mass suicide

Asif has joined the group 'how to bomb people and brainwash people'

Achmed is now in a relationship with ; Sunita, Fatima, Asiya, Haleema and Nawal

Udiz joined the Group 'Pimp My Cave'

Mahmood has joined the group ' I don't drink alcohol myself but I will sell you some for very nice price'

Farzan Mahmood Allah al Zakawi-Mohammed al SimSimSallahBim al Jihad thinks that forms should have more space for his surname.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Al Arabashid has edited his Political Views to Extreme Jihad

Osama Bin Laden Networks : Underground Tunnel System, Afghanistan

Waseem Aslam has changed his/her status to Away (on a suicide mission, leave me stuff xx)

Ali Akbar added a video '3 Americans and an axe'

Ahmed Al Jahal Muhammed Ibrahim changed his relationship status to 5 wives, 3 girlfriends and 1 complicated

Fatima joined the secret group "My middle yeast infection really gets my goat"

Ahmed Akbal is attending the event 'suicide bombing'

Muhammed poked a goat

Abdul joined the group 'Why bother washing your underpants'

Ahmed Salif has uploaded new photos to the "Flying Lessons" album.

Ibrahim Mahirza has flown a plane into your SuperWall.

Nasheem has sent Baklava a gift of a haversack, (don't leave this one on the bus like last time!

Abdul joined the group "Kill all those who think Islam is a violent religion!"

Saleem has joined the group "Ninja Appreciation"

Sadam Hussain is hanging with Allah

Mustafa joined the group "I'd leave my wife for a camel...AGAIN!"

Hajimal has just taken the 'What hot hot spice are you?' Quiz

Imran Mujafi was tagged in the photo "F.B.I Most Wanted List"

Amir Ali Akbar joined the group "Me and some mates went to Afghanistan but ended up in Guantanamo Bay"

Akhtar Al Muhajir wrote on Imran Muhammed Jahal's wall: "Yes it very nice my friend, but are you sure you can walk into building undetected?"

Sheik Mehru Umallah bin Ahmed III is leaving Iran and moving to a council house in Bradford on tuesday!

Osama Bin Laden joined the group - who loves hide and seek?
Welcome, Osama. You have 2 new friend requests from George W. Bush and Tony Blair

Faraq joined the group: "I married my cousin"

Now where's the fucking like button....?


  1. OMFG! ROFLMFAOPOMP! (pissing on my pants) I am in tears. I feel so filthy guilty for thinking this is funny as fuck and so wrong! Fatima tops my list.
    And just a freakin' second, Baklava is a Turkish dessert. Why can't they just stick to using hummus as their sex lube? They have to drag one of my favourite desserts into this raucous FB updates?.

  2. Ooh, what naughty humour! My favourite one is

    Abdul joined the group 'Why bother washing your underpants'.

    Just what I would have expected of Abdul.

  3. i shouldn't be laughing ... but i am ... hell, i can laugh when people make fun of us too, so dammit i should be allowed to laugh now.


  4. Should I be worried that the day after I posted this my stats informed me that my blog had been viewed by someone in Iran...


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